Wonder Wallet

mobile app

Solution for digital nomads, travellers and everyone who wants to keep their finances in order.

My role

UX and UI Design

Android Developer


Freelance project



Project Overview

The Product

Wonder Wallet is an app dedicated for digital nomads, travellers and those who would like to keep their finances in order. It lets users add and edit transactions using different currencies, budgets, payment methods and custom tags. To let better track users’ spendings, app provides stats and interesting data as diagrams.

The Problem

How to combine simplicity of use with complex needs of travellers who need multiple separate budgets, spend in different currencies and, at the same time, want to improve their financial habits.

The Solution

Create a complex but easy-to-use way of tracking all the income sources and expenses. Provide easy conversion mechanisms, planning features and information about spending habits.


Who is this solution for?

Different types of users represent the most important groups and their needs when it comes to functionalities and levels
of complexity. It is important to remember that one user can temporarily migrate from one group to another, for example when going on holidays they may transform from Simple user to Traveller.

Digital nomads

- use multiple currencies for both income and spending
- track finances constantly
- want to influence spending habits long term


- use multiple currencies for spending
- track finances only when travelling
- may set separate budgets, need only simple analysis for the future improvements

Simple users

- use only  one currency
- track finances constantly
- focus on improving their habits and stay within the budget


Keep it simple

Managing finances with the app should require no training and be possible on the go.

Use muliple currencies

Travellers pay and spend in many different currencies but they need to track all the transactions without manual calculations.

Tracking budgets and overall balance

Information about spendings and budget should be easy-to-read and understandable at a glance. At the same time detailed anough to enable improvements in personal habits.



Basic screen used for getting the quick overview on budget, spendings and adding new receipts.


- list of expenses without description
- budget left for the current month
- transaction list
- 'add transaction' button

Add transaction


- Two types of transactions: income and expense
- Ability to change currency and payment method
- Additional fields for expenses: receipt picture and location



- Overview of all budgets
- Ability to add a new budget with limit, currency, name and tag


Section showing statistics about spendings over time categorised by tags or overall balance.

Transfers and accounts

Users need to transfer virtual money between their accounts to keep track of all the income and prepare for expenses. It mimics behaviour of the internal transfers known from banking apps.


To enable easy categorisation of transactions, users can create custom tags and assign them to all types of activity. Colour coding and icons are used for faster scanning and better identification. User can also quickly find all the transactions with given tags.

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