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Design Mixtape

Animated Illustration
Production: Outdraw Design
Year: 2021

Design Mixtape is an animated illustration inspired by the 70s disco subculture. Geometric shapes combined with flowing organic lines build this one-point perspective scene.

The illustration is brought to life by subtle animations. Moving elements help tell the story and make this piece more engaging.

Animated Illustration

Our objective was to express the feeling of a party in the 70s with an added modern twist. Usage of the retro elements combined with simple geometric animations creates a distinct visual style that balances on the edge of overwhelming the viewer. Rhythmic movements create an illusion of syncing with the music.

Social media loops

We've used elements from the illustration to create engaging loops that can be used on social media. They showcase the details of the artwork in a playful manner, allowing the viewer to focus on a single element.


'Design Mixtape' illustration is a very complex artwork. Each element is full of details and could serve as a standalone illustration. Our goal was to make the piece interesting as a whole and provide enough details so that as the viewer explores the elements further, they continuously discover surprising new layers.

Sketch & movement outline

At the early sketch stage, we've planned all the subtle movements of selected elements to bring this illustration to life. We wanted to avoid a clear storyline in favor of providing the illusion of infinite, barely noticeable movement with one focal point in the center.

Design Mixtape illustration sketch with marks about movement
Design Mixtape illustration sketch with marks about movement